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A Better You through Massage

March 4th, 2013 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Do you suffer from pain? Have you had a sports injury that bothers you? Are you full of stress in your life? All of these conditions, along with so many more, can be helped with massage. We love to help bring you back into balance and a state of health. As massage therapists, this is our mission and we have plenty of tools and tricks to get you to feeling your best.

Depending on your needs and our training, we use different massage techniques. Swedish massage concentrates on long strokes and gliding technique over your entire body. Shiatsu is like a massage version of acupuncture, where we concentrate our efforts on specific points on your body. Deep tissue massage uses a combination of slow strokes and friction to relieve muscular tension.

Scientific evidence shows that massage is more than just a feel-good thing. A massage from a trained therapist can increase blood flow and circulation to the muscles, increasing oxygen supply and pushing out toxins and other metabolic wastes. Massage also triggers the parasympathetic nervous system that reduces tension and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. A study conducted at the Ohio State University researched the effect of massage on sports injuries. The study showed that massage done immediately after exercise reduced muscle damage and swelling in animals.

If you're pregnant, you may think that you can't have a massage because you can't lie face down. Even lying on your back may be uncomfortable. However, we can accommodate you with special tables that can allow you to lie face down without pressing your stomach into the table. Or you can lie on your side with a full body pillow for support. Massage is great for relieving back pain or swelling in your ankles. Depending on your insurance provider, your policy may even pay for it.

Let's be straight up about this. A massage probably won't completely eliminate chronic pain or the need for medication. And in certain cases, like if you've had blood clots, you may need to avoid deep tissue massage.

But for most people, massage only has an upside. Massage helps your body perform its own functions better and more efficiently. With regular massage treatments for joint pain, insomnia, even irregularity, you may be able to take fewer pills, and take them less often. Most of all, a massage will help you feel relaxed and ready to face the world.

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