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Nana saved my hair, I had made a complete mess of it, trying to relax and color it! That was almost 2yrs ago, and now thanks to Nana my hair is always gorgeous, I get many, many compliments! Thanks Nana!!

(Patricia A., 2,555 days ago)

I have CRAZY hair that I had no control over. Mrs. Nana is such an amazing lady who completely straightened my hair. For the first time in my life I love my hair! Thank you so much!!

(Anonymous, 2,680 days ago)

I love Mrs. Nana. She is truly a blessing, especially to the health of my hair. I have been going to her for over 15 years. I know, you may not believe it but it's true. Just come and see for yourself and I promise you won't ever be the same (well, at least your hair won't be)!

(Enjoli W., 2,721 days ago)

Impressions Hair Care and Spa Serene Responds:
Thank you Enjoli! Your hair is continuing to look fab!

So I decided to treat myself to an evening of relaxation.....My decision was right on point!! Sandra did such a good job. I felt so relaxed and carefree. I have recommended Spa Serene to several of my friends because I want them to feel this wonderful experience for themselves!! I WILL BE RETURNING!!! S.A.

(Samantha A., 2,746 days ago)

When I came to Nana my hair was in real bad shape. It was dry, uneven, and just awful. Nana told me I would have to cut it all off and start over and wihin a year my hair would be healthy and long. SHE KEPT HER WORD! My hair has not been this healthy and beautiful in 20 years. It is easy to maintain and fun to style until my next visit. It is such a relief to wake up in the morning and know my hair is going to look good no matter what. THANK YOU NANA! Davidae Walker

(Anonymous, 2,766 days ago)

I came to the salon, and I got a teen facial. The esthetician was nice and explained what was going to happened. Overall this salon gets a big "TWO THUMBS UP"

(Anonymous, 2,772 days ago)

Impressions Hair Care and Spa Serene Responds:
Thank you for visiting us. I hope that we see you again to help you continue on your journey to better skin care!

Sorry I needed to make a correction from my previous post...I was going all the way to Buckhead and my press "was not lasting" I was only able to get a solid week out of it b/4 it began reverting back into a fro....sorry a minor correction...Ms. Nana is passionate,courteous, knowledgeable, and honest. She really cares and gives you proper instruction on taking care of your hair....:)

(Anonymous, 2,776 days ago)

Impressions Hair Care and Spa Serene Responds:
Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad we could give you great service along with a great finished product. Now you don't have to drive all the way into the city and waste your gas to get the results you need. We'll see you soon!

BEST PRESS EVER!!! I have been all over Atlanta looking for a stylist who can treat my natural hair with TLC...I was originally driving all the way to Buckhead Tag salon to get my press and it was really lasting. I have extremely coarse hair and Nana did a great job....My press lasted well over 3 weeks even in humid weather!!! She did an awesome moisturizing treatment and pressed my hair without a hot comb leaving it moisturized and light. I recommend the natural enthusiast to give her a try...the prices where not bad at all, you truly get what you pay for...3 weeks w/out my hair reverting once WOW!!! Also the salon is gorgeous!!!!!

(Anonymous, 2,776 days ago)

Impressions Hair Care and Spa Serene Responds:
Thank you!

Ms. Nana is THE BEST hair stylist and it doesn't gt any better than her. I have been going to Ms. Nana since 2006 and she has made my hair come to life. My hair was damaged and I had a lot of breakage, etc. I started going every friday to get treatments upon her request. Then every two weeks after a month of treatments. Withing the year I started to see results and my hair was growing. Ms. Nana really cares about your hair and is very determined to bring your hair back to it's healthy state. You will not be disappointed. And let me add that you will be making an investment on your hair by going to Ms. Nana. Women spend money frivolously on items such as clothing, shoes, purses. I feel like if you can do that then you can make an investment on something way more meaningful like your hair. I am very pleased with my hair, it's long in length but most importantly it is healthy!

(D A., 2,805 days ago)

Impressions Hair Care and Spa Serene Responds:
Thank you so much. We truly do appreciate your continued business with us.

Ms. Nana is the best, she saved my hair. She is passionate about healthy hair and very knowledgeable about hair care. She will only do what is best for your hair. I'm so glad I went to her when I did and definitely recommend her.

(Anonymous, 2,816 days ago)

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