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Salon Products are Better for You than Grocery Store Brands

May 18th, 2013 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

You probably think all shampoo and conditioner is the same.

The first ingredient in any shampoo or conditioner is always water. But the difference is in how much water. Have you ever had to fill up your palm with grocery store conditioner to cover all your hair? Cheaper brands contain more water, so you'll use more than a dime-size for shampoo or quarter-size for conditioner. Salon brands are far more concentrated so that "expensive" salon conditioner ends up as affordable as anything from a grocery store because it lasts longer.

With drug store and grocery store styling products, cuticle-drying alcohol is always on their ingredients list.That's what gives it that tell-tale stiff, sticky, shiny appearance that screams, "Don't touch me!" Salon products, especially those without the alcohol, will result in natural-looking hold you can run your fingers through.

The price of salon products always includes the stylist's advice, too, so you will be using products tailored specifically for your hair type, lifestyle and styling needs. For example, if you have colored or thinning hair your stylist may have you avoid products containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a harsh cleansing ingredient that strips hair of its natural oils and degrades the cuticle, so hair is more prone to breakage and leaking color prematurely. On salon shelves you will also find:

  • High quality organics and/or natural ingredients
  • Extra benefits like sunscreen
  • "Sulfate-free" and "alcohol-free"
  • Amazing scents (secret: salon product creators agonize over the scent of the product and its aromatherapy benefits)

We will show you exactly how to use the products correctly at home, too, so your hair will look close as possible to when you left the salon!

What makes any hair product worth it, is whether it gives you the result you want. If it works beautifully for you then it is worth it.

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