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What is a Body Wrap? What are the Benefits?

February 7th, 2012 • Posted by Akua Boachie • Permalink

At the very outset, a body wrap was a process of Ace bandages or saran wrap that was tightly wrapped around oneís body to enable lose weight fast through vasodilatation. But at this time, a body wrap is more likely to be such a treatment where anyone is slathered with a body mask made of seaweed with potent botanical ingredients. Depending on the treatment, the mask is perhaps wrapped afterwards to keep warm. After that, the product is removed or rinsed off. The body wraps typically ends with application of some special lotion. Sometimes, instead of lotion it is followed up with some particular maintenance lubricant. Occasionally, the treatment is referred to as a body wrap treatments or body mask.

The advantages of body wrap treatments are body contouring, detoxification, pain relief, temporary inch loss, cellulite control, skin tightening, skin softening, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism. It can give the skin a very healthy, fresh and vibrant look, too. Additionally, the time spent wrapped is useful for tension and stress reduction.

People who undergoing for the treatments usually get their arms, torso, legs, and neck wrapped with special elastic cloths either dry when wrapped or pre-soaked with body wrap mixture. Those elastic cloths soak up and help to remove excess body toxins and fluids. The cloths are wrapped snugly in order to create a thermal blanket so that it can promote sweating and assists in the shedding of unnecessary and excess interstitial fluid.

The treatments have been successfully used for several years in some countries, and are becoming relatively a common treatment amongst various types of people. Generally, body wraps are all-natural ingredients. It is compost of various herbs and minerals. It is designed and planed to beautify the skin and texture. Some essential and a typical sea salts and oils may be used, as well, in daily spa body wrap treatments . These are use for helping to tone and soften skin while helping one to get rid of those unwanted inches. Very often, outcome may be realized instantly. Nevertheless, eventually toxins and interstitial fluids re-accumulate; thatís why, regular body wraps can give better long-term benefits. So, if you continue the process with a specific duration gap then you may get good result with it.

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September 7, 2012 at 11:07 AM
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