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Hair Restoration ( by Ms Nana the Hair Doctor)

April 3rd, 2015 • Posted by Akua Boachie • Permalink

We will be adding a new service to our menu, "Hair Restoration"
This technique is non invasive with a very holistic approach.
It will consist of a thorough consultation for about an hour and a half to two hours, collecting data.

The treatment itself is using detoxification of the entire body systems, then adding Ms. Nana's Essential line of products called "GRACE" to actually break down surface tension of the scalp, and bathing it in light therapy, that will travel into the basal layer of the skin in 600n to 650n of wavelengths.

This energy of wavelength is going to catalyze your own stem cells to re-generate hair growth.
I have trained with the best, to bring you this service.
Hair loss in women is becoming very alarming lately, and there isn't much out there to remedy this ailment.

The men are able to use Rogaine, and Propecia to help them, but only a few women get any results from Rogaine or minoxydil. Propecia is not prescribed for women at all, not to mention the side effects. You will have to use these products for life, even when your hair grows back, or it will fall out again.

We are therefore offering you this alternative, without any known side effects, and very cost effective.
As always, we are phone call or email away. Contact us 770-942-0885, or email

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