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Time for Renewal as Autumn Leaves Fall

September 3rd, 2013 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Ah, the joy of introducing those warm, fluffy sweaters and comfy sweatshirts back into your wardrobe rotation. As much as we long for the warmth of summer after the gray skies of winter, nothing beats autumn when it comes to a sense of renewal. The kids begin a new school year, your favorite football team introduces a new roster, and you have nothing but cooler weather and the holidays to look forward to. What better time to adjust your beauty routine than the new season?

Fall skincare involves doing away with summer dryness and pampering your skin. Exfoliate at least once a week during the fall season and switch to a heavier moisturizer that will protect your skin as it adjusts to new, cooler temperatures. For an utterly decadent experience, call us to schedule a facial. You'll walk out feeling like you have virgin skin.

Don't forget to maintain use of sunscreen. The same UV rays that bathed you all summer are present in the autumn sunshine. If you're not sure which products work best with your skin type, ask our esthetician for a recommendation.

Now is the time to put away the sheer-tinted moisturizer and lip gloss. Opt instead for a creamy foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone and a velvety lipstick shade that helps brighten your face. The careful use of a rich concealer will help hide any under-eye circles or skin imperfections

Tweak your makeup routine by adding warm, natural colors that allow your true beauty to shine through. If you don't already, do yourself a favor by using a primer on your face and eyelids before you apply your makeup. You may be surprised by the fact that a primer will hold your makeup in place throughout the entire day, leaving you looking as fresh at 5 p.m. as you did at 7 a.m.

See our stylists about getting your hair into tip-top shape after a summer spent on the go. They can get rid of any frizzy ends, renew your style and freshen your color. Fall is the perfect time to try that new cut or color that you haven't had the nerve to try before.

Do your best to avoid those coughs and colds that often accompany the change of season by eating well, getting plenty of rest, taking your vitamins, and de-stressing. For an easy way to de-stress, ask us about our other treatments. A little pampering goes a long way toward strengthening the body and spirit.

The great thing about fall is that it gives us all a chance to start anew, to make changes for the better. May it be your best season of change yet.

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