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Soft, Supple Skin in Minutes

August 2nd, 2013 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Itchy dry skin can be an annoyance in the summer months. With more sun exposure and air conditioned buildings, our skin becomes dull and depleted. That soft baby skin that we dream of turns into alligator skin and we increase our lotion use to get rid of the scales. There is a quick home treatment that can help with dryness of the skin and relax you as well.

Steam treatments are a great way to lock in moisture and give your skin a more long lasting softness. The pores are opened and ready to soak in the moisture after steaming the skin. This type of treatment also increases circulation in the skin, so moisture is coming at your skin both internally and externally.

There are different ways to expose the skin to steam. Warm compresses work well for smaller areas. A hot shower is an easy way to open the pores, or even standing outside the shower with the bathroom door shut, so that the room fills with steam. For the face you can just boil water on the stove and lean over the steam with a towel over the head to contain the mist.

Applying oils after the steam bath is a last step. Using natural oils is a simple way to lock in the moisture. Coconut oil feeds your cells to keep them moisturized and healthy. Jojoba oil is another option for its humectant properties. As a humectant it draws moisture to the top layers of the skin to keep the cells moisturized from within the body. It is also a natural thin wax and seals the moisture. Hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids that help keep the skin cells healthy and glowing. The best option is a combination of the three. If too much oil is applied, let the moisture soak in for a few minutes and then wipe off excess with a dry cloth.

That alligator skin will be transformed back to soft, supple skin in just a few minutes. And you will have taken some time for yourself in the process.

We are your experts for any skin care questions and look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

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Radiant Summer Skin

July 12th, 2013 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy some fun, relaxing outdoor activities in  great places, with family and friends. However, no matter how much work you’ve put into sculpting your body for swimsuit season, there are still other aspects of summer body care that you need to address. Namely, taking care of your skin should be a key priority during the summer months, and like just about any part of healthy living, proper summer skin care requires a multifaceted approach.

Protect It

Even though the tanning industry promotes bronze skin as being the ideal image of health and beauty, this picture really couldn’t be further from the truth. Opt for being outside during the hours when the sun’s UV rays are less intense (early morning or during the evening) or choose to cover your skin with light, breezy fabrics during the day. If you must be outside during the middle of the day, make use of an appropriately strong sunscreen, and be sure to reapply it throughout the day.

Moisturize It

While it’s easy to remember to lather up your skin after a shower during the winter months when dry skin is a common problem, it is equally important to keep your skin well hydrated during the summertime as well. Use a moisturizing body wash and apply lotion immediately after you shower in order to keep your skin smooth and soft all summer long. Moisturizing your skin can also be a great way to get that “tanned” look without actually damaging your skin cells, thanks to the invention of gradual “tanning” lotions. Better yet, for a flawless, professional bronzing, visit your spa for a spray tan. They've come a long way in terms of actually nourishing the skin while they impart that healthy glow-without the sun damage!

Hydrate It

Healthy skin (and overall health in general) cannot be obtained without maintaining proper hydration—something that is significantly more difficult during the hot summer months. Whether you’re running five miles during your mornings or you’re sitting in an office from nine to five, keep a bottle of water near by you at all times. Having easy access to water will remind you to drink throughout the day and eliminate any excuse of “It’s just not convenient.” Not only will your skin thank you (Hello, clearer complexion), but drinking an adequate amount of water can also help you regulate your hunger cravings—a fact that may be beneficial for anyone seeking to lose weight.

Heal It

Finally, no matter how many precautions some of us take, the summer months often find a way to damage our skin anyway. This is where the importance of proper healing enters the picture of summer skin care. Whether it’s a case of a blistering sunburn, peeling skin, or itchy mosquito bites, the way that you care for your damaged skin can determine how likely your skin is to heal without permanent scarring. We always recommend seeking out your skin care professional for solid advice and expert care as a place to start. There are some things you can do, as well, to help common summer skin issues.


If you’re battling sunburn, be sure to apply cooling aloe-based lotions. If you’re dealing with peeling skin, use a gentle exfoliant to make the peeling as even as possible, and follow this with regularly applied moisturizing lotion. If bug bites are your nemesis, try to apply anti-itch creams to keep yourself from scratching them; generally speaking, the less you scratch a bug bite the less likely it is to leave a scar.

Enjoy the summer months by taking care of your summer skin. Not only will it look beautiful and healthy this season, but proper skin care will ensure that your skin is a shining example of health and youth for years to come.

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Honeymoon-Worthy Pedicures

July 3rd, 2013 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

If you're planning a post-wedding getaway with your new spouse, a pedicure should be on your to-do list. There's something about candy-colored toes that screams fun in the sun. Here are a few fun and funky nail designs you should consider before jet setting to a tropical paradise.

Go tropical

If you're headed to the land of palm trees and fruity drinks, why not embrace the theme and go with tropical nails? You can get a French manicure with palm tress airbrushed on your big toe. Another option - pink nails with white flowers.

Embrace your inner animal

Nothing says fun like animal prints. Have our manicurist create a cheetah or zebra print on your nails. It might sound like a difficult pattern to create, but artistic ability and technology goes a long way. Our manicurist can do all kinds of crazy designs; so don't be afraid to ask for something out of the ordinary.

Be bold

Don't be afraid to pick a bold color. Rock scarlet red or viper yellow. Colorful toes will add a dash of color to your look. Plus, they compliment just about any kind of sundress and they draw attention to your sun-kissed complexion.

Of course, to show off your fancy pedicure, you'll want to pack several pairs of sandals. Keep a comfortable pair around for the beach, but be sure to break out your strappy sandals for dinner. Nothing showcases a pedicure like sexy sandals.

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